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Guatemala City
Traveling without destination

In Guatemala City.
In Guatemala City

For two hundred years the city of Guatemala, capital of the Guatemala nation, was in another location. That other location, near three volcanoes, was prone to earthquakes. As a consequence the massive colonial buildings suffered great and continuous damages. Eventually, in 1773, one of the earthquakes destroyed a significant part of the city. The citizens were forced to move the then capital of Central America, to its present location.

Nueva Guatemala de la Asunción was the name given to the new settlement. Very soon the buildings in the New Guatemala City started to change the landscape. Although they did not reach the size and grandeur of what they had been, the times to imitate the divine had gone by. The constructions continued as attractive but functional works of art.

Building in Guatemala City.
Building in Guatemala City

We saw a great deal of buildings with walls of glass during our visit. It was not the glass or the ultra modern architecture what impressed us. Many times we have seen buildings and similar structures which their sole purpose is decoration. The ones we visited were functional spaces and that was what impressed us. There were moments when we felt in what we imagined would be the future.

The Cathedral in downtown Guatemala City.
The Cathedral in downtown Guatemala City

In some places in the city there were small merchant stands on the side walk. In these areas many people were walking. Other places the stores inside the buildings were predominant. As expected, these streets did not have as many people walking.

The monuments on the mayor streets were so many that tired of counting. They went from a couple of bulls to a winged lion. All the heroes of the Americas, of the pen and the sword, had their place there too.

In downtown Guatemala City.
In downtown Guatemala City

We saw pretty good hotels all over the city. There is a zone, the city is divided in numbered zones, which appeared to be exclusive for the tourism. In reality, it looks designed for such use. This part of town is called the Zona Viva (something like Alive Zone), which is in Zone 10. There are many hotels, restaurants and night clubs there. The US embassy is in this zone too. We don not know if there are more embassies in this zone.

Winged lion in Guatemala City.
Winged lion in Guatemala City

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