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Departments of Uruguay
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A hotel in Colonia del Sacramento. Photo 2003.
Hotel in Colonia del Sacramento

The following is a list of the departments in which Uruguay is divided. This is the first political division of the country, similar to the states in the United States of America. We also include the seat of government, or capital, an approximated population and the extension is in square kilometers.

Department Seat of Government Extension 2004
Artigas Artigas 11,928 78,019
Canelones Canelones 4,536 485,028
Cerro Largo Melo 13,648 86,564
Colonia Colonia del Sacramento 6,106 119,266
Durazno Durazno 11,643 58,859
Flores Trinidad 5,144 25,104
Florida Florida 10,417 68,181
Lavalleja Minas 10,016 60,925
Maldonado Maldonado 4,793 140,192
Montevideo Montevideo 530 1,326,064
Paysandú Paysandú 13,922 113,244
Río Negro Fray Bentos 9,282 53,989
Rivera Rivera 9,370 104,921
Rocha Rocha 10,551 69,937
Salto Salto 14,163 123,120
San José San José de Mayo 4,992 103,104
Soriano Mercedes 9,008 84,563
Tacuarembó Tacuarembó 15,438 90,489
Treinta y Tres Treinta y Tres 9,529 49,318

This information is provided here as a reference to our trips to Uruguay. If more detailed data is required please visit the Instituto Nacional de Estadística - Uruguay.

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