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Dominican Republic
Traveling without destination

The Beach of Sosua is on the northern coast of the Dominican Republic. It is easily accessible, some 25 kilometers (about 15 miles) on the road east from Puerto Plata.

In Sosua, enjoying the tropical weather
In Sosua, enjoying the tropical weather

The beach in Sosua is excellent. The sandy section extends for about one kilometer (a little more than half a mile). As we see in some of these pictures, the sea is calm, although sometimes the waves break with the typical Antillean energy.

There are sections where small businesses provide all sorts of accommodations and food: beach chairs, sun umbrellas, cold sodas and delicious fried fish or lobster cooked for the tourist taste.

Art in the street, Sosua.
Art in the street, Sosua

In the same area as the food vendors there are other businesses selling souvenirs. We went into a couple of them and saw amber with preserved insects inside, wood statues, paintings, T shirts and much more. They also have things for the immediate use; like beach balls, kites, life savers and other things derived from the local imagination. Colors and attraction to the eye is the common theme on most of the souvenirs.

Sosua is not exclusive for tourism like Playa Dorada. It is open to the public. Chances are better here to see the local people at play. When we visited, police security was high and we had no problems what so ever, in reality we felt secure.

Art in Sosua, Dominican Republic.
Art in Sosua, Dominican Republic

There are some hotels in Sosua. We have never visited any of them but it is our understanding some are good.

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Traveling without destination


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