Gauchos, Argentina. Picture 2003.

The gauchos in Argentina. Flag of Argentina.


  Buenos Aires





The Americas
  La Paz




 Dominican Republic
  Puerto Plata

  Guatemala City

  Mexico, D.F.



  Washington D.C.










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Traveling without destination

Gaucho, horse and dog in action. Picture of 2003.
Gaucho, horse and dog in action

Gaucho riding a horse. Picture of 2003.
Gaucho riding a horse

Gaucho working the horses. Picture of 2003.
Gaucho working the horses

Cooked by the gauchos. Picture of 2003.
Cooked by the gauchos

Group of gauchos in Lujan. Picture of 2003.
Group of gauchos in Lujan

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Traveling without destination


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